Software Development

The Internet of Things Made Easy

We build what you don’t want to so you can focus on your core mission


With our Internet of Things (IoT) experts, we create efficient, high performance software to connect your devices. Our Pub/Sub solution allows for quick delivery of messages from point A to point B to power anything from flying drones in real time to monitoring device status in the field.

Complex Event Processing

If your situation requires server side logic, our CEP platform can handle even the most complex scenarios. We take in and process data on the fly, with the ability to look at all historical data, so you can make the best business decisions, instantly.

3rd Party Integration

If you have existing software already in production, we can bring the power of our platforms to you. We custom build what you need to succeed.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Is it time to bring a higher level of decision making to your processes? Aviata can help you integrate the latest 3rd party technologies.

High Throughput Systems

The explosion of data and the growing expectation of near real-time responses requires a non-traditional approach to system design and the solution’s technology stack. Our team has considerable experience building scalable systems that are both capable and performant.

Web Services

We can build custom tailored web services to resolve your pain points. Always using the industry standard practices, we specialize in RESTful APIs and microservices. Even if your use case not related to IoT, we can help.

Languages We Use


Scala is our language of choice for heavy processing on the server-side. Scala was designed to be concise and was inspired by many of Java’s shortcomings. It runs on the JVM, and is widely known for new technologies like Apache Spark.


Javascript has come a long ways since its inception in 1995. We make heavy use of JS, both on the web front-end (via React or Angular), server-side (via Node.js), and cross platform desktop development via Electron.


Java, like C++, has had a tremendous impact on development industry. It popularized many concepts now common in many modern languages. Java is primarily used for Android development and backend systems.


HTML5 and CSS3 are what define the modern web. We also use well known Web UI Frameworks like Angular and React.


Swift is a capable and intuitive language created for building apps for Apple’s iOS, MacOS, watchOS, and tvOS platforms. Swift is a substantial improvement over Objective C, and brings many new modern development features to the table.


PHP, as a stand alone language, has been around since 1997. It has enjoyed rapid growth and adoption for web development. 83% (Jan 2017) of websites use PHP in one form or another for server-side scripting. Much of that share is WordPress.

Technologies We Use And why we like them


Databases are extremely important in the Internet of Things. With speed and high throughput vital to IoT operations, choosing the right place to store your data is key.


Cassandra is a notable NOSQL, high-throughput database with modern database features such as native horizontal scaling support, easy to use clustering, and asynchronous masterless replication.


PostgreSQL is another popular RDBMS. PostgreSQL is known for some of its advanced features. A nice feature is a native JSON data type – which makes it a preferred choice when working with JSON compared to other RDBMS.


Redis is the most popular in-memory key/value store and continues to grow in popularity. It is also well known for its Pub/Sub capabilities. Aviata makes considerable use of Redis for our internal solutions.


MySQL is the most popular open-source RDBMS and for good reason. While it isn’t as bleeding edge as some other RDBMS, it has a massive community, stable releases, and above all – it is easy to setup, use, and manage.


Choosing the right platform and framework for any new project is a critical choice. Aviata uses the following:

Electron is an open-source, cross platform, desktop development framework based on Node.js. Electron uses web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to power the GUI, thus bringing the power of the web to the desktop app world.


The number of mobile users surpassed desktop use in 2014. Android and iOS both remain the dominant mobile operating systems. There are also a variety of cross platform mobile development frameworks, such as Cordova or Ionic.


Node.js is a JavaScript server-side framework which can use packages (like Express) to create a web server. Node is known for its event-driven programming model which can allow for simplified and performant solutions to concurrency problems.


React is a modern frontend web framework created by Facebook and released in 2013. React has seen strong adoption, especially in the bay area. It is a core component of the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js).


In addition to the technologies above, we also have experience in the following: Apache Spark, Apache Solr, Disque, Couchbase, Elasticsearch, NGINX, and RabbitMQ. Contact us for below for more information regarding the above technologies and their uses.