It all starts with a registration

In-product registrations gather up to 7x more data than traditional web channels.

Capture Quality Customer Data

Aviata’s PowerENGAGE™ product registration software module is dynamically and intelligently deployed in-product to maximize engagements. The PowerREGISTER™ system knows how to ask, and more importantly, when to ask to maximize registration data capture.

Our philosophy is simple and proven: more product registrations means more customer data. More customer data translates to more accurate targeting. More accurate targeting leads to higher conversion rates. Higher conversion rates lead to more revenue.

Complete your Customer Data Ecosystem

Simply having more data isn’t the end of the story. More data is useless if it’s not more accurate data, or if it fails to use data from your other trusted sources. Data from PowerREGISTER and any of the PowerENGAGE modules can be easily appended with data from Experian, Axciom, and Datalogix to help you complete customer profiles and ensure accuracy.

We helped Dell achieve its objectives. Contact us to get the answers you’re looking for.

The PowerENGAGE embedded Product Registration app has provided an impressive global turn-key process by which we continue to refine and improve our customer registration business practices.


Deployment Options:
  • Direct to Desktop

    Communicate natively on any PC desktop

  • In-Device

    Communicate in-product in your device’s OS

  • In-App Mobile

    Communicate with in-app marketing on mobile devices

  • Web & Browser

    Deploy online on any website

  • Traditional

    Paper card processing and database integration

  • Intelligent Delivery

    Engage customers at the right time

  • Dynamic Content

    Change delivery schedule or content at anytime

  • Branded

    Create recognized & trusted communications

  • Social Media Links

    Extend engagement to social chennels

  • Global Reach

    Available in 40+ languages

  • Workflows & Nurture Tracks

    Build an ongoing dialogue with your customers

  • Turnkey

    Set Up, Delivered, Managed and Monitored

  • RESTful API

    Conveniently integrate with any system