Build Loyalty with Proactive In-Product Support

Offer support, monitor trends, send tips and tricks, and automate support based on device diagnostic or user behaviors

Build Loyalty After the Sale

Aviata’s PowerSUPPORT enables you to create loyalty campaigns to offer tips and tricks for unique segments of users. Help them get the most out of their purchase, or teach them about exciting new features after an update.

Automate Service Requests

Offer customers an easy path to get service by bringing it in-product. Monitor device diagnostics and send dynamic messages based on device metadata.

Auto-Capture Device Info

Aviata’s technology auto-captures device metadata such as model number and serial number, so you can understand where support trends align with product lots. Reach out to customers with help before they reach out to you.

Proactive Customer Surveys

Segment User Groups

Surveys capture device metadata, allowing you to discover support trends like never before. Segment users by serial number or product type, and push dynamic content straight to their devices.

Measure Key Metrics

Follow up on support inquiries to measure NPS, CSAT, NSS, and other key support metrics.

Improve Support Efficiency

Reduce time to resolution and decrease inbound request by supporting customer while they are using the product.

Deployment Options:
  • Direct to Desktop

    Communicate natively on any PC desktop

  • In-Device

    Communicate in-product in your device’s OS

  • In-App Mobile

    Communicate with in-app marketing on mobile devices

  • Web & Browser

    Deploy online on any website

  • Intelligent Delivery

    Engage customers at the right time

  • Dynamic Content

    Change delivery schedule or content at anytime

  • Branded

    Create recognized & trusted communications

  • Social Media Links

    Extend engagement to social chennels

  • Global Reach

    Available in 40+ languages

  • Workflows & Nurture Tracks

    Build an ongoing dialogue with your customers

  • Turnkey

    Set Up, Delivered, Managed and Monitored

  • RESTful API

    Conveniently integrate with any system