P3 In‑Product Communication App

Expand your marketable universe and start engaging with 100% of your customers.

Reach Customers in aNew Direct-to-Desktop Digital Channel


P3 is a software communication platform that enables in-device, in-app, and direct-to-desktop communications with your customers – no email address required. It gives you control over message frequency and content, and controls the details of the interaction with your end user. P3 makes it easy for developers to create highly specialized integrations with your product by handling all of the complex underpinnings. It’s a simple yet capable communication platform that will save you time and money in bringing your solution to market.

Reach all of your customers

Communicate directly to drive sales

Deliver messages anytime


With P3, you can reach all of your customers no matter what major operating system they use. It works with Windows 7+, OSX 10.9+, Ubuntu 12.04+, Fedora 21+, and Debian 8+.

P3 comes with it’s own version of Chromium, the modern browser that serves as the basis of Google Chrome, so there’s no worrying about content compatibility. All content will be shown exactly the same on every machine.

Installation is completely silent and can be packaged along with drivers or other software.

Direct, Digital, and Multichannel

Aviata In-Device Refrigerator PowerENGAGE


Embedded in the operating system
of internet-connected devices

Aviata PowerENGAGE In-App


Embedded in the mobile app for
wireless connected devices

Aviata Direct-to-Desktop PowerENGAGE


Embedded in the driver of a wired
or wireless connected peripheral

Content Delivery

P3 enables you to deliver web content to users at any time. Whether you want your customers to be presented with a message, a survey or any kind of form, P3 will deliver it.

With P3, you’re not limited to user-provided information from manual inputs such as the typical online registration form. P3 can automatically collect system information such as firmware versions, device information such as serial numbers, and even location information, and append it to the customer record.

Marketing Uses

P3 gives you a direct connection to your end users, facilitating your omni-channel communication objectives. You can directly send users media such as videos, pictures, web pages and forms.

P3 lets you define segments of users based on the data it collects. You can target groups or all the way down to individual users.

Consumer Electronics

In-product communication, powered by P3 is a new way to engage with your customer base. It dramatically increases customer responses to marketing messages because it expands the marketable universe to 100%.

For consumer electronics manufacturers who rely on retail channels to distribute their products, product registrations are the primary method of identifying customers, including which products each customer owns. However, industry averages hover only around 5%-15% for product registrations, leaving 85%-95% of the customer base unknown to the manufacturer.

With in-product communication, messages are sent directly to the hardware device’s display, to a software app, or to the customer’s computer desktop, ensuring 100% of customers see the message, regardless of product registration rates.

When you combine our PowerENGAGE or CustomerSUCCESS solutions with P3, you can use in-product communication to proactively initiate contact with each of your customers to collect rich data, preemptively solve customer problems and deliver relevant content at the right time for your customers to make decisions that drive sales.

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