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Let Us Be Your Guide

Building the next killer product and need an IoT solution but don’t have the expertise or time to get it done? Let us bring our tools, knowledge and practical experience to your team.

Connected Devices

We have expertise in basic device connectivity, security, protocol selection, and hardware and software architecture to facility high throughput data transfer and processing.

Complex Event Processing is our Complex Event Processing system that we built from the ground up. Actions speak louder than words - Aviata uses to process millions of data events every day for our customers. How many consulting companies can say that? Aviata understands Complex Event Processing systems and how to leverage its power for IoT. Let us help your company take better advantage of existing resources while massively increasing efficiencies.

High Performance, High Availability

Need a hand to help architect a high performance IoT solution? Are you concerned about outages bringing your system down? Our team will work with you to architect a solution that will bring peace to your mind.

Web Services


We can work with your team in architecting holistic, end to end solutions - or just address a specific area of concern. Our experts have been building high performance, real-time web service solutions for decades.


Our team has deep experience in designing and building external and internal facing REST APIs. We understand the simplicity that good API design can bring to a solution.


Microservices and SOA have been growing in popularity -- and for good reason. They can provide lightweight, powerful tools to address a wide variety of issues. We use them extensively in our infrastructure and those of our clients. Knowing when and how to use them is key.

Database Solutions Architecting

Data Modeling

An excellent data model must consider performance objectives, natural structure and relationships, among other important issues. Examples of areas where we can lend deep expertise include both relational databases and NoSQL.

When it comes to relational databases we address appropriate normal form issues, optimal tables and their quantities and structures, appropriately designed indexes, etc.

On the other end of the spectrum, NoSQL is a different beast altogether. From KV stores, Big Table inspired stores, document stores, to graph databases. Each of these database types has its purpose and requires a unique approach in its application and design. We use a number of different NoSQL databases at Aviata and appreciate the advantages they bring to the table. Let us bring that experience to your solutions.

Which Database?

Let our experts help you choose a DB solution to ensure your project performance and functional objectives are met. From the appropriate applications for CRM data to the needs of high-throughput, real-time access data needs - we have you covered.

Legacy Migration

Historically, data systems were architected using relational databases. These are not the best choice for IoT related applications, but it’s human nature for engineers to use what they know. As the amount of data companies collect continues to grow, it is not uncommon for them to continue to inappropriately push high volumes of event data into relational databases; resulting in compromised performance. Our team has deep expertise in designing optimal database solutions for the needs of today’s connected products and their high-throughput needs. Once architected and built, our team can facilitate the infrastructure migration from old to new.

SDK Interface Design

Clean, easy to use Software Development Kits (SDKs) make a tremendous difference in adoption and time to implement. Designing an intuitive and easy to use SDK interface is no simple task. At the same time, many factors need to be considered such as new features, robustness, and how it will be used. Designing and building SDKs is something we've been doing for years. We will work with your team to understand your product, customer needs, and additional considerations, and craft an SDK that developers will thank you for.

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