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Boosting Customer Feedback

This company is a premier provider of high-performance computers and accessories, with millions of customers worldwide. It sells through both direct and indirect channels, and its user base spans from consumers to Fortune™ 100 companies. Key to its sustained growth is an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as the ability to understand and act upon customers’ needs, by boosting customer feedback.

The Challenge

Boosting customer feedback and obtaining relevant, timely, direct, global customer feedback via surveys on topics such as out-of-box-experience, overall product and customer satisfaction – at predetermined lifecycle intervals – is business-critical for this company. Maximizing survey engagement rates, while being mindful of not overburdening customers, is key to getting the information the company desires. For future product development, they wanted to segment and target surveys to specific groups in their customer database to gather quick snapshots of customer perceptions and device metrics at key points in a product’s lifecycle.

In this case study: you’ll learn:

  • How Aviata’s survey solution boosted survey engagement rates from single digits to almost 70%
  • How these engagement rates impacted various teams in product management, marketing, service & support, and eCommerce