Providing systems integration and event-driven intelligence
for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Aviata's easy-to-deploy software solutions enable any internet-connected device or app to communicate, evaluate and respond to events in real time - triggering intelligent actions.


Software Development

Experts in high-volume data processing

Whether you're trying to enable IoT features in an existing product or building something entirely new, we can help you realize your goals quickly and easily. We have years of experience in high-volume event processing, high-performance databases, web services and API design.


The architects you need

Architecting new innovative solutions for our high-tech lives can be a challenge. We know which tools to use for each specific job in today's complex and technologically varied climate (IoT, real-time data processing, etc.). Let us bring our expertise to your team with Aviata's consulting services.


Complex Event Processing (CEP), Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) development platform enables you to evaluate high-volume event data streams in real time and trigger immediate, intelligent actions with its easy-to-use rules engine. Pub/Sub gives you the power to build the next killer connected application by reaching out and communicating with any number of devices.


Direct-channel desktop communication platform

P3 is an easy-to-use yet powerful software communication platform that enables in-device, in-app, and direct-to-desktop communications with your customers. P3 makes it easy for developers to create highly specialized integrations with your product, giving control over details of the interaction with your end user including message frequency and content.



In-product communication

PowerENGAGE enables you to communicate with your customers directly through your product (device or app) – or a connected PC desktop. It’s marketing that goes beyond email to maximize impact and build lasting relationships.


Customer journey optimization / Customer Success

CustomerJOURNEY can automatically detect and resolve potential customer issues, such as product or user errors, as they occur in your software applications, CRM databases, or devices, helping to eliminate customer frustration and improve the customer experience. It can bridge gaps between your internal systems to provide immediate and targeted responses when a customer is experiencing problem or to take advantage of an opportunity.

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