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Product Registration

This company is an industry-leading electronic consumer products provider with millions of customers worldwide. It sells via direct and indirect channels and its customer base ranges from consumers to Fortune™ 100 companies. Key to its success is a company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction, and the ability to quickly understand – and act upon – their customers’ needs, through boosting product registration.

The Challenge

To gain a complete view of their customer base, this client needed to increase the amount of customer product registration data from their retail channels. Prior to engaging Aviata, they had been using an in-house system to collect product registration info, but soon realized they needed additional expertise to maximize the quality and quantity of their worldwide customer product registration data, as well as manage the resultant data flows, both internally and with business partners.


In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How Aviata’s PowerREGISTER benefits consumer electronics manufacturers
  • The challenges it addresses in customer data capture, product management, and customer satisfaction