Customer Journey Optimization At Your Fingertips

Respond immediately and intelligently - exactly when your customers need it most

The struggle with providing the ideal customer experience is often rooted in a lack of visibility into those customers' paths as they navigate engaging with your company.

Traditional customer journey management platforms can be a burden to implement, and the growing number of sales and marketing systems that were designed to improve the customer journey have often simply created more silos that trap information and prevent it from getting to the right people at the right time.

That’s why we developed Aviata CustomerJOURNEY, powered by our CEP platform

Unlike monolithic, heavy-weight-integration customer success and/or journey solutions such as Gainsight, Aviata’s CustomerJOURNEY solution is a combination of consulting services and tactically applied software tools to augment your existing customer success systems and strategies and bring your insights into the flow of your customers' user experience into clear view.

Is Aviata’s CustomerJOURNEY solution right for your company?

If you answer "yes" to the following questions, then we should talk:

  • Do you already have customers, and if so do you collect data related to those customers?
  • Do you already have or want to implement a customer journey map, or want to learn more about them?
  • Are you interested in utilizing data to improve your customers' user experience?
  • Are you concerned you may have “data chasms” in your systems or processes that prevent you from solving customer pain points, maximizing revenues or taking advantage of real-time opportunities?

How can we help?

Here’s our process:

Step 1:
Our specialists speak with you to understand concerns around unmet customer needs or user flow interruptions resulting from data issues (collection, routing, visualization, or ability to take action).
Step 2:
We meet with you to review your current customer journey map, identify where your customers, or related data, is getting stranded (the data chasms). If necessary, we work with you to revise your customer journey map.
Step 3:
We inquire about existing sources of data, locations of data, visualization solutions and current tools available to take action on data.
Step 4:
We architect a solution that can be implemented by you, us, or the vendor of your choice. We strive for solutions that are light-weight, tactical, and require minimal (if any) investments in new systems.

Our solution will enable you to see, evaluate and respond, in real time, to customer actions within your internal systems or to user behaviors in the product itself. We deliver unprecedented visibility into the customer experience, breaking down data silos and eliminating the delays in responding to your customers’ needs, for example:

Detect when a VIP customer is struggling with a problem that could easily be solved if only your team knew it was happening.

Detect when a customer’s printer is getting low on ink and automatically trigger an email, text, or message on the product display with an offer to buy a replacement cartridge.

Detect when batteries on a drone are running low, for its distance from base, and trigger a command to the drone to return home and land.

CustomerJOURNEY as a ServiceA better, simpler and more flexible approach to customer success software

Implementing an Aviata CustomerJOURNEY solution couldn’t be easier. Our solution is typically delivered “as a Service.” There’s no complex software to learn or install, no expensive infrastructure to build or maintain. We handle all of the complexity, including integrating your existing sales, support, marketing systems and databases.

Integrating your customer-facing applications or devices is fast and easy, too. With SDKs for Java, C#, Android, iOS, JavaScript, or custom built, and a simple, lightweight RESTful API for any other environment, integrations can often be done in as little as an hour.

Aviata's CEP PlatformThe engine that powers Aviata CustomerJOURNEY

Aviata's is a cloud-based Complex Event Processing (CEP) platform (it can also be installed on-premise). It uses a simple yet extremely powerful publish-and-subscribe (pub/sub) platform and an intelligent dynamic rules engine to recognize, evaluate and respond to events in real time across a wide range of devices, applications and other software systems. It’s highly scalable and able to handle millions of concurrent events in real time. can identify when key events occur and take action – for example, when a printer runs low on ink, when a customer seems stuck on a feature, or when a customer calls in about an outdated product that is ready for replacement.

Other applications or devices can then subscribe to actions, receiving instructions on how to respond to these events – for example, triggering a text alert to a sales rep or an email to the customer, updating a customer record in your CRM, triggering an action in the product, or opening a chat window to a support person inside your application – all in real time, the instant a key event occurs and your rules for responding are met. not only brokers communication among multiple disparate systems and devices in real time, it also adds intelligence to the entire ecosystem by evaluating and responding to inputs based on highly flexible and powerful business rules that you define. Because rules and responses can be augmented with data from external sources such as your customer database or CRM system, each response can be more timely, relevant and highly personalized based on a wide variety of factors specific to each customer, including their sales history and volume, geographic location, customer type (business or personal), warranty status, or even the specific software version or serial number of a device.

Ready to get started?

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