Let Feedback Be the Voice of Your Company

Capture critical customer feedback then put it to work for your marketing, product, and support teams.


PowerFEEDBACK™ enables you to trigger surveys to the right users at the right time, directly on their desktop, mobile, or device display. Trigger on-demand, or based on device events, or user behaviors allowing you to make more informed product and support decisions.


Ask for product reviews, in-product, to maximize response rates. Understand Voice of Customer and syndicate reviews with Bazaarvoice or your own e-commerce site.

Let Customers Help You Sell

Capture product reviews in-device, in-app, or on-desktop, and use our partnership with Bazaarvoice to syndicate to your favorite channels, and your own ecommerce site.

Learn how one customer boosted the number of product reviews by more than 500% vs. asking by email.

The collaboration with Aviata has had impressive results, greater than 5x previous rates. Aviata’s expertise in this area is robust as well as impactful.

Boost Survey Completions

Stop relying on email surveys with low completion rates to make data-driven decisions. Capture surveys in-product and boost completions by more than 5x.

Auto-Capture Device and Location Info

Aviata’s technology auto-authenticates users based on auto-captured device info such as model number and serial number, so your results are guaranteed to come from real customers, tied to unique identifiers.

Deployment Options:
  • Direct to Desktop

    Communicate natively on any PC desktop

  • In-Device

    Communicate in-product in your device’s OS

  • In-App Mobile

    Communicate with in-app marketing on mobile devices

  • Web & Browser

    Deploy online on any website

  • Intelligent Delivery

    Engage customers at the right time

  • Dynamic Content

    Change delivery schedule or content at anytime

  • Branded

    Create recognized & trusted communications

  • Social Media Links

    Extend engagement to social chennels

  • Global Reach

    Available in 40+ languages

  • Workflows & Nurture Tracks

    Build an ongoing dialogue with your customers

  • Turnkey

    Set Up, Delivered, Managed and Monitored

  • RESTful API

    Conveniently integrate with any system