Internet of Things, Simplified

Pub/Sub Simple Device Connectivity

In a world where internet connectivity between everyday devices and people is becoming ubiquitous, the ability for developers to selectively communicate with sets of devices is often a core feature set of product design., with its Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) capabilities, is a communication platform that provides this desired connectivity for development teams along with several advanced features – and low barrier-to-entry pricing.


It Begins with Connectivity

Pub/Sub is a model in which devices or applications publish their event data securely over the internet. A Complex Event Processing platform, such as, subscribes to those data streams. Pub/Sub is quickly becoming the standard means of facilitating communication between many devices, and Pub/Sub enables scalable, highly-available, and asynchronous messaging between devices.

Complex Event Processing High Performance Complex Logic Processing


The Next Step: Processing

The CEP platform interprets and processes the published event stream to which it subscribes based on business rules that you define – looking for single events, trends or even complex sequences of events. The rules also determine how to respond. Pub/Sub can work in both directions – the devices that publish events can also subscribe to responses from the CEP platform. Other systems can subscribe to the CEP responses, too, including databases, CRM systems, or Customer Support platforms.


Why Choose Seamless Transition from Pub/Sub to CEP


Room to grow

You don’t have to choose between the simplicity of Pub/Sub and the raw power of CEP; with you get both. Many projects look small at the start, but eventually most will need to perform more complex logic on their data. Instead of switching services midstream, choose and leave yourself with room to grow.

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