About Aviata

Our History

Aviata specializes in innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, helping connect our customers with their customers. In the early days, we provided software apps and backend systems to collect product registration and related system data from a host of consumer electronics including PCs, gaming systems, printers, hard drives, and scanners; just to name a few. Over the years, we’ve worked with more than a hundred of the world’s largest and most successful global brands including Adobe, Xerox, Electronic Arts and Sony.

As the world of IoT has become more prolific in its applications, we’ve been leading the development of powerful, tactical IoT related solutions to address the needs of our current and future customers. Our newest platform solutions include Cogswell.io, an event-data processing powerhouse, and Aviata P3, a powerful, innately flexible desktop communication application.

Although Aviata offers powerful ready-built products, we also excel at applying our expertise to create custom solutions for clients who can’t always find what they need in off-the-shelf solutions or who don’t have the internal resources to fully address their pain points.

Our mission has always been the same. At its most fundamental level, we push, pull and process data to and from internet connected devices. We help our customers collect and take action on data in a wide variety of ways in a host of varied products and systems. From taking action on user behavior and data to empowering marketing automation systems so they can facilitate frictionless in-product customer engagements providing client customer’s with a highly enjoyable, relevant experience. If you have data that you need to collect, process, understand or take action on, Aviata is here to help.

As with most things that seem simple, the devil is in the details and our practical experience in making things perform — not just work — at world class levels is our specialty.